ZMorph Paste Extruder


Wanted to ask why there is no compatibility of the Experimental version of Voxelizer with the Paste extruder on the SX? Even in the general ZMorph documentation on the web, I have seen very less info about the same. Trying to 3d print ceramic.


Hi @smhatre sorry for late reply. We disabled the Thick Paste extruder workflow as not enough testing was done on it. However it was only for 2D drawing, so you would not have been able to print ceramics with it. I suggest you to create a custom printer profile to use in the normal 3D printing workflow; then create some special material presets that would be suited for the Thick paste extruder (e.g. no retraction). It should work, but you will need to make some experiments. If you need help in creating the profile and the presets let me know.