Will not launch


after uninstalling and reinstalling im still having the same problem with the Voxelizer not launching any help please? Using windows 10. after reinstalling I tried again and it just blinks on the screen twice and doesn’t load. I Need Help Please

Not Loading Voxelizer

Hello, here are a couple of things that you can try and that worked in other similar situations:

  • Rename the “Voxelizer2” or “Voxelizer2Experimental” folder in MyDocuments to something different like “Voxelizer2something”/“Voxelizer2ExperimentalSomething”; At the next restart the software will create a new fresh folder.

  • Uninstall Voxelizer and delete the “Voxelizer2”/“Voxelizer2Experimental” folder from MyDocuments and reinstall the software;

  • Update Windows;