Why up and down with the laser-g-code?


I use voxelizer for laser engraving.
the elapsed time is enormous (certainly for pictures), mainly because the head moves up and down before making each burn.

I can’t think of any purpose why the laser needs to go up and down with every movement?

Why is that?
Why can’t it be purged (voxelizer) and save me - I guess - 60% of the elapsed time on every job…


I can think of an explenation why it is like that…

the laser is treated as if it is milling (just a derived program and no one thought about simplifying the code).
With milling you must go up and down or your part is ruined.

But when the laser is centimeters above the object - and the laser is muted every time - the movement is just an idle movement that is totally obsolete !!!



the solution is integrated in voxelizer !
the default “safe height for travel” is set @ 5mm.

make that 0mm and the job “flies”.

My estimation of 60% time-cut is totally underestimated…
a 12hour-job is now done in 11minutes !!!
a 98,5% reduction in proces-time !!!


Hi @eootb, happy to see that you have found explanation and solution to the problem all by yourself in little time :smiley: We are working on a new/revisited workflow for CNC and Laser, so issues like these should not occur in the future.