Why is there no option to choose the laser toolhead?

I am using ZMorph 2.0 SX, with Voxelizer 2.0

I never had any trouble choosing the toolheads with the original Voxelizer software.
Should I be using the experimental version?

Why don’t I even get the option to choose the laser toolhead?


I got the same problem of recognizing the laser toolhead!!

I have got reply from the dealer (Hong Kong). They said the laser head of Zmorph can’t be used by Voxelizer 2.0 or above.

It’s their reply:
Because Voxelizer 2.0 does not support ZMorph SX2.0 laser head, you need to download the Voxelizer 1.4.18 : https://voxelizer.com/download , the bottom side of the page you can see the download link.
How to use please refer here: https://support.zmorph3d.com/hc/en-us/articles/209048809-Laser-Cutting-in-Voxelizer

I try to use this earlier version. It can detect the laser head!

Hope this help!