Voxelizer Freezes at 40% when generating laser path


When I import a jpg or png (the only two I tried so far), I get stuck at 40% when “Generating Laser Paths”. I have a ZMorph VX and trying to use the Laser head. I am using Voxelizer 2.0.0 and also tried it on the “Experimental” and it gets stuck at 20% or 40% as well. I tried this on a Windows machine and a mac and both get stuck. If I try to generate the path with “intensity” it is fine. Change it to Hatching, Edge or Hatching + Edge and it gets stuck and will never show a preview. Would appreciate any assistance. I am copying the jpg I was trying. I tried this logo first to fit on a 200x100mm piece of wood, but then I shrunk it as small as I could in Voxelizer and it still wont work, so doubt it is file size.