Voxelizer Experimental release notes 2019-07-15


We’re happy to announce a new version of Voxelizer Experimental which brings a complete rework of the CNC milling workflow for ZMorph machines.

Windows: The updates should automatically show up when starting Voxelizer - if they don’t, you can click on Help -> Check for updates or download the Windows installer directly from here.

Linux: install with snap install voxelizer --beta, update automatically or with snap refresh voxelizer

MacOS: Download latest version here.

Voxelizer Experimental release notes 2019-07-15

New CNC milling workflow

Files support

  • STEP engineering file format is now supported
  • Planes and edges of the model may now be selected to define milling operations
  • Available functionalities adapt based on the loaded file format:
    • All functionalities are available for STEP files
    • 3d operations are available for regular mesh files (STL etc.)
    • 2d operations are available for flat vector files (DXF etc.)
  • Milling projects may now be saved as Voxelizer projects

New generation engine

  • The CNC milling workflow has been reworked with professional users in mind
  • The generation engine now outputs much more precise instructions as it uses the input directly, without an intermediate voxel step
  • Path generation algorithms have undergone many optimizations
  • It’s now possible to change tools within one file/process
  • It’s now possible to define a local coordinate system

Presets and configuration

  • A new library of milling tools and materials is now available
  • Greater configurability of the milling parameters
  • Errors in entered parameters are automatically detected and communicated to the user
  • Parameters are now explained with graphical tooltips

Preview and simulation

  • A new view of the scene, including a CNC table preview
  • An interactive simulation-based preview of the milling effect
  • Preview of tool paths
  • Automatic detection of tool/material collision



When can we expect another update to the experimental version?


what would you expect in the update? Did you encounter any problems?


I’m nervous about using an app that is “experimental” so I’m curious to know when it will be complete, and stable. Thus I’m not sure if there’s a roadmap to that, or how frequently there are new beta/experimental builds released.


The Mac experimental version is incredibly unstable. I would hope to be able to actually use the app without it crashing every 2-3 minutes.


Agreed. Also it doesn’t seem to support retina screen resolutions, everything is slightly blurry.


Hi Emi,

Is there anyone answering the topics that we log for the bugs and questions in this forum?
I have posted some points and checked some new topics from the others contributors and I do not see any feedback shared.

Cheers, Julien


It’s been 10.5 months since the experimental version has been updated. I would have expected an update by now.


Hi I am trying to get voxelizer experiment working on Ubuntu 18lts through snap, I can’t seem icon and it doesn’t load. Can you please help?

I have a i3 with 2gb ram and Ubuntu 18.04lts