Voxelizer Experimental release notes 2019-02-18


We’re continuing the (roughly) weekly schedule of Voxelizer Experimental updates.

Windows: The updates should automatically show up when starting Voxelizer - if they don’t, you can click on Help -> Check for updates or download the Windows installer directly from here.

Linux: install with snap install voxelizer --beta, update automatically or with snap refresh voxelizer

MacOS: Download latest version here. The macOS version may lag behind Windows/Linux ones as it doesn’t have a fully automated build pipeline yet.

Voxelizer Experimental release notes 2019-02-19


  • New parameter Generation mode for the texture material with three options: Weaving, Segmentation and Complex. (issue #307)
    • Weaving (the default) gives the previously available functionality, interleaving multiple outlines to achieve desired colors. This gives good results on vertical surfaces but doesn’t affect horizontal ones.
    • Segmentation splits the object into multiple objects based on the colors. This works for all surfaces but has more computational complexity and may lead to longer printing times.
    • Complex attempts to use Weaving for vertical surfaces and Segmentation for horizontal ones
  • New filter Color segmentation in the Segmentation group (issue #316) - the filter uses an object’s current texture to split it into multiple colors based on chosen mapping settings
  • Path width and layer height may now be overridden in Quick settings (issue #271)
  • It’s now possible to set the start and end position of the purge line (issue #317, see this topic)
  • It’s now possible to specify a material mix for the bottom layer artifact (issue #319, see this topic)
  • Artifact selection in the main printing settings has been changed to a chooselist to make it easier to discover the Tower alternative (issue #270)

Bug fixes

  • Chosen materials were not kept between multiple invocations of the Texturing wizard (issue #322)
  • Various bug fixes to the new generation modes of the texture material (issue #307)
  • The default support preset Solid PVA has been renamed to Solid soluble for more clarity (issue #169)
  • It’s now possible to log out when the license has expired (issue #122)
  • The parameter Additional action renamed to Escape inside for more clarity (issue #245)
  • Choosing a completely black filament will no longer give artifacts on the color picker (issue #326, see this topic)