Voxelizer Experimental release notes 2018-11-30


We’re continuing the (roughly) weekly schedule of Voxelizer Experimental updates.

The updates should automatically show up when starting Voxelizer - if they don’t, you can click on Help -> Check for updates or download the installer directly from here.

Voxelizer Experimental release notes 2018-11-30


  • the mesh repair functionality now works with textured meshes, making it possible to apply internal texture to the object after automatic repair (issue #226)
  • .zip file support is now available from the file import menu (issue #224)
  • more descriptive icon for the Quick Settings (issue #230)
  • more space for printer and toolhead name in the top bar (issue #231)

Bug fixes

  • on Windows, it’s now possible to use Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media after saving the gcode on an SD card / USB stick without having to turn off Voxelizer (issue #229)


  • we now have a fully functioning Continuous Integration pipeline for Windows, saving some developer time - macOS and Linux in progress