Voxelizer Experimental release notes 2018-11-16


We’re continuing the (roughly) weekly schedule of Voxelizer Experimental updates.

The updates should automatically show up when starting Voxelizer - if they don’t, you can click on Help -> Check for updates.

Voxelizer Experimental release notes 2018-11-16


  • it’s now possible to open .zip files containing 3d model files (also with textures), saving some clicks when downloading packed models from the internet (issue #205)
  • it’s now possible to merge aligned objects into one in scene editor (issue #204)
  • further support for textured files (issue #199)
  • small hanging objects are now automatically removed after some microstructures filters (issue #180)
  • the remove small objects filter now takes input in cubic millimeters instead of voxels (issue #210)
  • some more configuration for send to Octoprint - it’s now possible to choose the target between sdcard and local and possible to initiate print immediately after sending (issue #194)
  • last file open location on Windows is now remembered per-extension (issue #202)

Bug fixes

  • files passed as command-line arguments are now properly handled (issue #200 and #201, as reported by @dggrant here) - this also enables features such as Fusion 360’s send to 3d printing appliance to work with Voxelizer
  • it’s now possible to cancel surface error computations (issue #209)
  • fix for object too big persisting for the next model (issue #211, as mentioned by @friedokra here)
  • fix for negative values sometimes being generated in gcode
  • various other minor fixes

Using Win10 Send to
"object too big" message persists for next model
Showing Surface Error hangs the program

I am having issues installing this update. After it goes to administrator mode, I get a message saying it cannot find the installation .msi file. I have tried to search for that file with no luck so I have to cancel the install.
Any help would be appreciated.
Doug G.


It is looking for "the installation package 'voxelizer_installer_2.1.0- 2018-11-02 (1).msi update. Not the …2018-11-16.msi it should be looking for. At least I think this is the issue.
Doug G.


Thanks for the report, could you try now? It might have been a cache of the update server, I’ve cleared it now.


Same problem. It comes up after the administrator install button and the notice that it will have to reboot. Here is the message:

I tried going directly to the install …2018-11-16,msi file, but that does the same thing. It must be something in the installer itself that is looking for the wrong file. (At least that is my guess.)


Unfortunately I’m unable to reproduce this problem for now.

Voxelizer downloads the .msi update package to the My Documents/Voxelizer2Experimental/update - can you check if the update package was downloaded there?

In case it still doesn’t work, please try the direct link for the most recent Experimental version: https://update.voxelizer.com/versions/experimental/latest/windows


Yes, the 2018-11-16 package is there and I have tried to run it with the same results. I will try the direct link.


Same results. I think I will try to uninstall the pervious version first and see if it will install then.
No one else has reported this? Strange.


That didn’t work either. I had to revert to v2.1.0-2018-11-12. The install keeps looking for the wrong .msi file.


I have tried shutting down my firewall and virus software and nothing changed it is still looking for the old version. I am done for this evening. Let me know if there I anything I can do from this end. (And if anyone else has the problem.) FYI, I am using the latest version of Win10.
Thanks, Doug


I have done everything I can think of. I uninstalled McAfee. (I have had other issues with that in the past.) No matter what I do or where I load it from it looks for the old file. I know you probably won’t get to this until Monday, but I just wanted you to know what I have attempted. I have no other ideas everything seems to be working as it should but the install calls for a file that is not there. (Or anywhere else on my computer.)
Doug G.


Doug did you try to uninstall Voxelizer, both the experimental and the official version and then install only the experimental from the direct link? Anyway we will investigate this issue.


Yes, I did uninstall both. I looks to me like the installer is calling for the wrong program. It asks for the last version, …2018-11-02 (1).msi every time.


Now I went through and deleted files and scanned the registry. I deleted everything Voxilizer related. I no longer have Voxilizer and cannot install it at all. --I still get the same message.


If I click on “OK” on the “Accessing the feature…” pop up. I get the yellow triangle and the message about “The path…” If I click “OK” here I get a message saying it can’t uninstall the old version?? It sounds like maybe I need to install 2.1.0 before I can update?


Doug, it looks like something got messed up a bit in your system, please try using this official Windows tool that is supposed to clean up situations like this (download it and select Voxelizer 2 Experimental from the list):


Woo Hoo! That worked! Thank you!

(I’ve been working with personal computers since the early eighties - and mainframe stuff before that - and this is the first time I have had this problem. The bonus - through the process I have really cleaned up my machine. :laughing: - I do wish I knew what MS corrected for future reference.)