Voxelizer Experimental release notes 2018-11-12


We’re continuing the (roughly) weekly schedule of Voxelizer Experimental updates.

The updates should automatically show up when starting Voxelizer - if they don’t, you can click on Help -> Check for updates.

Voxelizer Experimental release notes 2018-11-12


  • initial Diamond hotend / Repetier Firmware multimaterial compatibility (issue #190, as proposed by @avaccaro in this thread) - choose Repetier as Filament switching method
  • reworked the default print start procedure (issue #187, as deliberated by @dggrant in this thread)
    • the default procedure now first homes all axes, moves up and waits for the extruder to heat up
    • the procedure can be overridden by turning off home before printing in Toolhead settings and writing custom Gcode on start
  • edit boxes now accept home and end keys (issue #188, as suggested by @shadowhawk )
  • added a tooltip explaining Quick Settings (issue #174)
  • improved robustness of printer profiles listing (issue #197) - local results will be shown if the server doesn’t respond in 3 seconds

Bug fixes

  • freshly saved Voxelizer Project files didn’t show up on Recent files list (issue #191, as observed here)
  • fix Pattern filter causing Voxelizer to crash (issue #193)
  • fix crashes sometimes occurring when choosing bottom layer structure (issue #195, as observed here)
  • fixes for texture mapping (issue #189)
    • search for textures in subfolders
    • fix for the texture not being correctly mapped on the mesh
    • mapping a larger texture now shows an animation on the object instead of freezing the program
  • choosing surface error diagnostic view now shows a spinner, no longer hanging the program (issue #198, as pointed by @shadowhawk here )
  • fixed some tooltip spellings (thanks to @tomdmeeks for this thread)

Crash when selecting bottom layer
Tooltip Spellings
Edit boxes don't accept Home and End key
Upgrade to 2.1.0 no printer profiles are showing

Wow! You are the most responsive software company I have ever dealt with!
Thank you!
Doug Grant