Voxelizer Experimental now available on macOS


We’re happy to announce that the Experimental version of Voxelizer is now available on macOS :slight_smile:

You can download it from the download section of Voxelizer website or directly from here.

Please note that auto-update might not work properly for macOS as of this release, so you might need to check back manually for updates.

The image is not signed, so you may need to manually enable it in System Preferences -> Security & Privacy for the first run.


I’ve briefly played with it on Mac and so far no crashes.

One thing that definitely jumps out at me is the navigation though. On Macs a smaller keyboard is much more common than on windows (no numpad, less keys, no middle mouse button). The navigation relies heavily on some of those keys so alternatives should probably be made. Middle mouse and the numpad are especially useful and not having those available really hinders things.