Voxelizer Experimental now available on Linux


We’re happy to announce that the Experimental version of Voxelizer is now available on Linux :slight_smile:

It’s available as a snap package in the Snap store, which should make it easy to install on any Linux distribution with snap support: https://snapcraft.io/voxelizer

Use the following command to install it:

snap install voxelizer --beta

If you don’t have snapd installed on your distribution, see these instructions.

As snaps have built-in automatic daily updates, you won’t see any update prompts - you can always snap refresh voxelizer to ensure you have the latest version.

Currently, due to confinement, it’s not possible to directly connect to printers via USB/Serial/HID from the Linux version - if you’d like to be able to do that, you can install the snap with the --devmode flag. Please note that automatic updates won’t work then and you’ll need to manually snap refresh voxelizer. A request for classic snap confinement have been filled here which may alleviate this problem in the future.

Please note that the Linux version hasn’t undergone much testing yet, so some system-specific problems may surface.


Thanks for the effort! I wish I could test but crostini doesn’t support snapd currently (might get support in the summer). I might convert another PC to a different linux distro not sure at this point. In either case thanks for the hard work!


Also any release notes as to what is new in 2.1.0 (Jan 4 build) in general?

I did notice some of my bug reports were fixed (switching back to uniform grayscale crash, etc.). Just wondering if there were other things you’d like me to test. Sides still seemed to be the main texture mapper that sometimes worked. Top, top/bottom, etc. seems to still never show up in the gcode.


Please see the release notes here: Voxelizer Experimental release notes 2019-01-04


Hi I am trying to get voxelizer to work on a laptop running Ubuntu 18 LTE. I’ve installed it using Snap as per the instructions but can’t find the icon or get the software to load. Can you please help. I only have a working Linux laptop.