Voxelizer Experimental introduction



This is Filip, lead developer of Voxelizer speaking. I’m happy to welcome you to the Experimental release of Voxelizer. The aim of the new version is to support any 3D printer on the market.

Voxelizer was originally conceived as slicing software for ZMorph 3d printers and it played this role well. So well, in fact, that we have realized that the solutions we came up with during the last 5 years of development are on par with the best slicing software on the market.

In particular, we believe that our handling of Multimateriality, our User Experience, improvements in Print Quality and Print Enhancement are already outclassing other slicers. With a solid basis like that, the only missing piece has been printer compatibility.

Having released Voxelizer version 2.0 in July, which was focused on fully supporting ZMorph printers and tied up some loose ends from before, the team was able to focus on designing the new Multiprinter capability.

The new Multiprinter engine consists of a new machine configuration editor and a cloud-based system for synchronizing and sharing configurations and presets. All of the presets are now tied to your Voxelizer account, and synced after logging in. You can also easily share machine configurations to be searchable by other users with one click - for further instructions see the new Adding a new printer tutorial.

If you don’t have access to the beta yet, you can express your interest here: https://voxelizer.com/compatibility