Voxelizer Experimental crashes when opening on Win 10


I use Win 10 and just downloaded Voxelizer Experimental v2.1.0-2019-01-18. The first time I ran it I had the time to log in and click in the search field for printers when it suddenly crashed. Since then It will show the startup screen (see screenshot) and then just silently die.

  • When I look in the EventViewer I see no events from Voxelizer at all.
  • I tried running Voxelizer “As Administrator” but the same thing happens.

I see that there are many persons here using Voxelizer (but not Experimental) so I guess it’s something with my set-up. Would be greatful for any and all help in trying to troubleshoot.




Hi @yomet, thanks for the notice, we are working on the fix.