Voxelizer 2 > Zmorph sx2.0 printer L.E.D. screen paused upon pressing play on software


with voxelizer 2 > my Zmorph sx2.0 printer’s L.E.D. screen becomes paused upon me pressing the play button on the software. i forces me to press the pause button on the printer in order to start the print. then it pauses itself and no more un-pausing takes place upon pressing button. the software pause option is not being clocked on nor selected. any clues?


I am getting the same with my Zmorph VX. At first I thought it was due to corrupted firmware, and updated that one, and then it began to get progressively worse. It seemed to be connected with the touch screen, and would happen whenever I selected a file to print, and pressed play, which caused the system to return to the welcome screen and freeze, remaining that way until the machine was rebooted. Sometimes this would happen several times before I could get a print to start. I suspect it is extremely buggy firmware, and it’s glitchy. Zmorph needs to know about this, and supply a fix to make it fully functional.