Vox crashes when trying to add support


When trying to add support to a toothless dragon print Vox will crash


Hi @cjolly3053, could you give us some more details? What kind of support are you trying to add? Does it always happen?And only with that specific model? If so, could you share the file so that we can check? Thanks.


Yes sorry… Was having issues submitting it and knew you could see my logs I thought… Was trying to print the no support version of this https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-toothless-36291 and actually found that if Vox just sat it would crash. Was trying to add any support. Happened every time I tried to open that STL. Funny enough the support version of that I was able to load and print.


Wow this is very strange. Thanks for the report, we will check this. Even more strange, it seems to happen only with the Balanced voxel precision setting (which is the one chosen automatically for this model). If you set it manually to Fast everything works fine for me.