User Interface Suggestions - close/exit/undo/redo/reset


App version: Voxelizer 2.1.0 experimental (v2.1.0-2019-07-15-windows)

Could you add the ability to close an active file from within the file menu? The only way I’ve figured out to do this is to fully exit the application.

Also could you add the ability to ‘exit’ the application from within the File menu, the only way I’ve determined to do this is to select the Application Window’s “X” in the upper right corner (other than when the application closes itself while working in the application)

In addition - it would be really helpful to have the ability to Undo (similar to a type function) or Redo, especially after setting changes have been made, Voxelmap transformations and color customizations… since, as a user, sometimes you’ll make a change and forget what the original setting was or you’ll select a portion of your object to split/ color and select too much.

It would also be helpful to have a ‘reset’ option within each area within the artifact “Settings” tab which will return ALL the settings to default within that specific page (Print Settings, Quick Settings, preset list(s), colors and transformations), if this isn’t an option, as part of the context sensitive pop-up text, if displays the original default value, so the user could return the setting to that themselves and/or compare the current setting to the system default.