Under extrusion (perhaps too wide line width)?


I’ve continued messing with Vox today and while I’ve made a decent amount of progress, I’m still battling under extrusion as seen in the picture (left is Vox, right is S3d). They were different scales and colors but for this right now the only thing that’s important is the top layer surface finish.

As you can see Vox likes to under extrude (or make the widths too large). I crank out calibration prints pretty quickly so I use .3 layer height (my nozzle is .4). My current guess isn’t that the math is wrong but rather I don’t see a way for me to separately specify the layer height from the width. It’s all controlled by that one slider correct (quality)? For these quick prints I have it set to 80% which is a .3 layer height. I do see an option for first layer width but nothing else so for anything other than the first layer I can’t control it right?

@agiachino @kyp Is that your thoughts as well, and if so can we get the option to control the width and layer heights separately on all layers?


As I said in my other reply, you can do this by clicking on Path width text label in the Printing Settings.


We might need to make it more visible though and review the HQ slider.


Thanks! didn’t even know that was there! I’ll run another print tonight hopefully it was the width.