UI change application event happening too late


Steps to replicate

  • Start new project
  • Import two models
  • Select one model. Change the scale to some number, but don’t apply it yet (ie change the number but don’t click out or press enter yet)
  • Select the other model
  • Notice the scale change has been applied to the newly selected model instead of the one you were previously editing


  • The scaling should have happened to the model that was selected as the text box was edited. Not the one that caused the text box to become deselected.

The same issue happens to other fields as well.

NOTE: The expected workaround would be to press enter before selecting the other model. However this causes BOTH models to adopt the new setting. This is both cruel and unusual.

The actual work around is to click so that NO field is selected before selecting a model. Clicking onto any field will ensure that the newly selected field is adopted by the newly selected model.

I assume the fix would involve having the change notifier fire before the model is switched.


Hello @rdacted, personally I don’t think that this is a bug since I expect the transformation to happen always on the selected object. @emiwesolowska?


Hi @agiachino,

I’ve probably messed up in describing it, as I think we both expect the transformation to happen on the selected object. I’ve created a video to demonstrate the issue as it stands. Hopefully it’s clearer now.

Apologies for my dogs making noise in the background.


Oh OK somehow I understood that this was happening in the the Setting view, in the Transformations panel. Ok clear, yes :bug: