Trying to solve a problem that led to a crash


Had to screenshot because the crash froze the text viewer as well.

At any rate… I was working on making a uniformly colored print. Whatever I do I cannot seem to get everything within the print to be from one of the 4 colors. I’ve tried drag and drop, right clicking in the settings preview, and going through the treeview and choosing the same color for every node. Whatever I do I always end up with a gcode preview that indicates color coming from extruder #1 instead of my intended extruder #2. Infill, support, and outline nodes always end up with the undesired color.

So… after going back and forth a number of times… on right clicking in the middle support area on the pictured screen I selected color #2. That is the point that it brought up that error report in the unresponsive window. Voxelizer seemed to be able to continue operating when I switched back to it, but restarted anyway since that didn’t seem good.


Does it happen always? Could you send us the model that you were trying to print?


It appears to be a display issue not a printing issue. I was having problems with the quality of the print when the colors mixed so I wanted to use only 1 color to narrow down what was happenning. So try as I might the previews continued to show as above in the picture. (Yellow is my #1 color for the above, blue in #2 was what I had switched everything to.) However on printing all parts were indeed printing with #2.

Does it do it always? …yes it appears to. Ive added several models and it always shows the other items in color #1.

ANSWER: sigh I think I know whats happened. I have yellow as my color #1. Apparently the display of infill and some other structures is yellow. Not because its the color in use for printing, but because thats the display for infill etc in the program. :\

Ok not a bug… just a misunderstanding. Still, fairly confusing.


Oh yes! Ok I thought that the problem was with the final gcode. Yes in the Settings view we only use yellow to preview the slicing outlines.