Tooltip Spellings


In an effort to more quickly understand Voxelizer I went through the Printing Settings, Quick Settings and Presets and created a worksheet to help me with the lay of the land. I think it would be helpful to other new CraneQuad users. But, since I copied text from your application I thought I would get permission to post it publicly on the M3D Discord threads.

As I did this, I found a number of small typos in the tooltips and if you like I could compile those and send you a list.

Voxelizer Experimental release notes 2018-11-12

I went ahead and tried to find the typos in the labels and tooltips.

Quick Settings
Retraction section
Retraction Speed e (Label: Is the ‘e’ correct?)
Additional Action (‘Befor’ should be ‘before’)
Retract on start (‘Befor’ should be ‘before’)
Fan section
Fan speed (‘dipend’ should be ‘depends’ and ‘pringting’ should be ‘printing’))
Power raft
power raft third layer multiplier (No tooltip)


Hey thanks Tom, very much appreciated! We will make the corrections. Please go ahead to share your worksheet.


Typos fixed in Voxelizer Experimental Release 2018-11-12, see release notes