Temp Tower Options?


I’m using a Crane Quad, and would love to be able to do a Temp Tower, but in order to do so…I would need to be able to have an option to set different temps at different layers. Is this to much a complicated request to be able to add the ability to do this?


You can try one of the customizable towers on Thingiverse. I haven’t messed with Voxelizer much, but if it supports a layer change script, then this model works well:



In voxelizer, you can add custom gcode that you can control the bed and nozzle temperature easily with respect to height of the part. You will see add gcode on desired height, then you just type the height where you want to set different temperature (for exmp:120 mm). After that add (M104 S240 - S is used to set the temperature , in here temperature at 120 mm will be 240 degree C) code to set the temperature. Just keep going on this way by adding another gcode on different height.

Hope it will work