Surface Reconstruction tool crashes


Discworld_map.stl (5.5 MB)

M3D Crane Quad printer
Vox Beta 2.1.0-2018-12-07
After loading the attached model into Vox via drag and drop and attempting to use the “surface reconstruction” tool, vox immediately closes (presumably crashing).


Thanks for the report @sohjsolwin. It crashes indeed, we will investigate this.

Just as a side note, surface reconstruction is meant to be used just on the desperate cases. Most of the models, unless they have big problems like visible holes in the mesh, will be automatically fixed by the voxelization process. In fact, personally, to speed things up a little bit, I even disabled the “Automatically repair meshes” switch. In fact your model gets voxelized just fine without that.


Yeah, I’m actually printing it now. I wasn’t sure what the reconstruction would do, and there were a few areas of that model that looked very spiky on the initial screen, so I thought that might smooth it out some. When I ignored the reconstruction and moved ahead anyway, it smoothed it out after voxelizing and progressed to gcode without further issues.


Yes exactly, good to know that now it’s printing. Maybe once it’s done put a picture here Your prints with Voxelizer :slight_smile:

Nevertheless surface reconstruction should not crash, we will fix it.


Sure thing. I just added my last print to there as well.


I have the same issue.