Support interface material


Hello all,
I just started using Voxelizer and am still figuring out its features. I have been using Simplify3d and Cura for a few years now. One of the features I am looking for is to use PLA to build most of the supports and PVA only on the interface with the part. This saves a lot of PVA and prints much faster. Is there any way I can do this with Voxelizer?


Hi @trincao, yes we have this feature although, since we haven’t tested it much yet, it’s not part of the predefined presets. So your feedback will be very appreciated.

You will have to create a new support preset: you could start from the ‘solid soluble’ preset which was already optimized for PVA and HIPS. Then change the support type to “two part. The size of the interface is controlled by the “shell thickness” parameter; the default is 2 mm.

If you assign the new support preset to your model, the support will be divided in two parts. You can now assign the PVA material to the interface part.

If you have problems or questions don’t hesitate to ask.