Solid support must have "infill percentage" parameter


I used sold support for some specific models. It is very useful feature. It is nice and easy to break away and does not stick to a printout too hard. However, there is one “showstopper” issue. The infill of the solid support is bound to the infill ratio of a printout. This does not make much sense, see the picture below, thin layer makes a support infill hard to print, sometimes it is even impossible to create a good support. The support infill is much less then printout infill, which is also not very fortunate since “consistent and hard” support makes its job much better. Please add “solid support infill” parameter (as a default option when “0%” acts as it does today to keep backward compatibility).



Hi @pitor, you can change the settings of the solid support via context menu. Just right click on the support.


Thank you, I did’n know there is the context menu. However, some issues regarding this:

  1. The changes are not stored in the VOX file. Once save and re-open all changes to infill are forgotten. In general, the VOX file is not working like “a time machine” what I consider to be the biggest (top,top) disadvantage of the Voxelizer.
  2. I’m printing number of identical models (some claps for cables). Usually I have 6 to 8 identical pieces on the table. So, you can imagine how painful is to change every single support! I hardly insist on general parameter.

Thank you for reading my suggestions, please try to see on Voxelizer from users perspective, which sometimes makes very unusual models.



We are working on this :slight_smile:

I see, another option would be the context menu more powerful, so that when you select multiple objects the changes are applied to all of them.