Small interface issue


I have noticed when I change the default settings the return to default arrow shows up. Clicking on that arrow returns to default as it should. However, if I use the slider to return to default the return arrow does not dissapear until I click on it. It seems it should dissapear when I move the slider back to its default position.


Doug are you talking about the quality slider? Could you post a screenshot?


No, the slider next to the color selections. When I added a second gradient it appeared below the list it didn’t look like anything had happened and I didn’t know it was there. Once I discovered it - I used my scroll wheel to find it. When I tried to grab the scroll bar I found it not very easy to get the mouse positioned over the thin line.


The only indication that there are more colors is that small dark line under the gradient color. and the shortening of the scroll bar. Not sure what would help there.


Ok I see, we’ve added it to the things to discuss.


Doug, thanks for the report. The interaction here doesn’t work as good as it could. We will review it.