Several Beneficial Ideas


Hello all, about to receive my Crane Quad and have been playing around with Voxelizer to try to learn it before getting the printer setup here in a few days.

  1. Purge to infill. This would be greatly beneficial to minimize the amount of waste.
  2. Purge to object. By this I mean purge the old color to another object so there is virtually no waste.
  3. Sent to Duet. I noticed you can send to OctoPrint I believe, but I think the ability to send to Duet would be great especially with the new Crane Quad having a Duet board.
  4. Being able to reduce the paint brushes size even further. It is still much to large to do a lot of finer details.
  5. Smooth the boundary of a painted area.

Some of these may be possible that I am unaware of.

Hopefully all these make sense and would love to hear what others or the developers think regarding these points.


Hi @justinds89 (I think I replied you also on the support).
Purge to infill and purge to object are two features already present in the latest Voxelizer, respectively the setting “Start from infill” (on by default) and the special “Artifact” material.
Send to Duet is an interesting idea, we will think about it.
I’ve reduced the minimum brush size to 0.5 mm, you will find it in the next update. Keep in mind that very small elements might not be printable.
Smoothing the boundaries is not a trivial problem unfortunately, somehow we do it when we convert the selection to voxels (when you assign the color).
Thank for your suggestions!


Thanks for the reply here and through email.

Good to hear the purge to infill and object features are already there and pointing me in the right direction. I will definitely be figuring out the purge to object feature ASAP.

Send to Duet would be a huge plus as that is a very popular board and comes in all the new Crane Quad printers coming out.

Thanks for adjusting the brush size down just a hair. I think it will make it easier to shade in certain areas.

Yes, I figured smoothing the boundary would be a bit challenging. Something though I think everyone could benefit from in the future if it ever gets added. Would make shading in areas while keeping a nice clean edge much easier.