Save and open project issue in beta


When I save a project and open it again I get an error message “Project version not longer supported.”


Hi @facotl does it happen for every new project that you create? Could you send us one project that gives you this error?


vox.vox (3.5 MB)
It’s every time for a Zmorph SX with CNC toolhead / 3D
And Zmorph SX with laser toolhead don’t propose to save project in menus.

Thank you for your help.



Thank you Fabien. Yes this is actually a bug, we will fix it. Anyway be aware that the Voxel project at the moment is basically only for 3D printing, it’s not really that useful in the other workflows (that’s why we disable it in for the laser).


Hi there,
have the same problem (and errormessage) open saved projects. Any idea when this bug will be fixed?
Since i can’t use the milling head with the Voxelizer(license) which came with the Zmorph SX (incl. millinghead) that would make my Zmorph SX a bit more …useful.
Any suggestions which software else i could use until then to get the milling head into a effective workflow?



Hi @gondor, you can choose the VX model on Voxelizer 2 and use the generated Gcode on the SX without problems. Just remember to calibrate the Z 0 of the machine ON TOP of the material.


also for me this is a big issue.
For laser-engraving, playing with the parameters in the voxelizer makes all the difference in the optimization.
Not being able to save the .vox from those project is a mayor problem.


also with laser engraving I have a standard part where custonised engraving (a specidfic name) is applied.
That should start from a template (.vox) where all the settings and the logo is set “ready”, and I only should fill in the name and generate the code.

Note that this topic states “in beta”, but it is a general problem. Also in 2.0 there is no option to save a laser-project as a .vox.

It is a big issue. Please make it available soon… since this topic is already a month old.


Hi @eootb, we are working on some major changes to the program that will will also lead to a better handling of the projects.