Repetier Firmware and diamond hotend


Not using Marlin, but am using mixing on the crane quad with reprap, you can also set the mixes just under 100%. Having 98,1,1 (not sure if your diamond 3 or full color) will avoid cooking the filament.

Obviously, the correct codes for Marlin mixing are useful too.


Thanks guys, my printer is based on repetier firmware and I use repetier server to print. After an infinite number of clogs I reverted to single extruder and moved the 3 colors diamond to another printer (this time a delta) using the same firmware and print server. I tried only one print and had blocks again, then I had no more chance to test.
I spent a lot of time trying this setup to work. My diamond is not the original model: maybe this is the reason for my failures, maybe not. Shall find some spare time to give it another try (after cleaning the channels again) before giving up. Maybe will do.


I will look into this.