Repetier Firmware and diamond hotend


I am trying to figure out how to configure Voxelizer to work with my printer which is based on Repetier Firmware and makes use of 3 colors diamond hotend.
I am not sure that it supports T0T1, T0 or M3D gcodes: so far I used it with Slic3R and Repetier Host following these instructions:

Any hints?

Voxelizer Experimental release notes 2018-11-12

At a first glance it looks like this is another method of filament switching that we didn’t take into consideration. Tomorrow we will look better into it and if this is the case we will try to make the addition during the week.


@ avaccaro could you please send me a gcode generated from Slic3R for the diamond hotend? I have created one from my side following the guide but I have to way to check if it would work on the printer. From there we will see the steps for the compatibility, if we need to add something to the program or if playing with the current settings is enough. Thank you.


@agiachino: I will send it in the next few days, as soon as I get back home. Meanwhile, I can recommend also to take a look at this sotware ColorMixer3DPX which, starting from single color printer gcodes, generates gcode for diamond hotends in printers using Marlin M165 (or RepRap Firmware M567, or Repetier M163/M164) color mixing commands.


Great thanks this will be useful


@avaccaro or someone with a Repetier Firmware and diamond hotend, could you please test this gcode?

repetier test.gcode (315.6 KB)

Be ready to stop the machine, but nothing catastrophic should happen :stuck_out_tongue:
It should print something like this:


I will be back home this weekend: I am not able to test it before.


Yes sure when you can


Meanwhile just a comment: I tried to print also using other slicers before and I had a lot of issues with clogged hotend. I read ( - extruder retraction section) that it is related to retraction which shall be performed simultaneously on all extruders. Honestly I had no time to dig into that, and I also have to solve a clogged hotend issue before testing your gcode, but I am confident to manage it quite soon as I am back). You are probably addressing this issue already, in that case simply discard my message.


Thanks I will go though it.

What is needed is for all filaments to be retracted, regardless of whether they are actively in use or not.

Ok we will add some kind of option for this.


I have updated the gcode test file, please try this one

repetier test.gcode (315.6 KB)


I linked this thread on a FB post on the diamond hotend users group asking for testers for your gcode. Hopefully someone can do that and provide you with feedback sooner than me…


Nice idea, thank you!


Alberto, on the FB group there is a guy willing to try your gcode on a Marlin firmware printer. It makes use of M163/M164 gcodes for color switching. Is the sample gcode you provided ok for that setup?


Yes, it also uses M163/M164.


Hi Alberto, I tested a modified version of your gcode: I had to change the temperature to 215C and, following the indications of the guys from the diamond hotend FB group, I set up a 2% minimum extrusion ratio for the inactive extruders. This is the gcode I used: modified_voxelizer_test.gcode (315.6 KB).

The print run smooth, without any particular issue.

Please find below some pictures of the results (pls. consider that I have RGB filaments. I am available for further tests.


Ok I will include the suggestions in Voxelizer. Good, so the color transition happened and there where no issues during the print, that was the goal. What about the print quality though? It doesn’t look great… any ideas about it?


The print quality is not very good but it could depend on my printer: it was out of order due to clogs and this print was the first (and only) I’ve been able to do after restoring it. One possible cause could be related to a wrong z-probe height setting which made the first layer a bit high.
It looks like adjacent layers are too much distant: what layer height did you set in your gcode?
I tried to print the model onece more but I had a number of disasters (ptfe tube broken, z-probe fault) that I am trying to solve.


The layer height is 0.23 mm.OK I see maybe we will wait for more testing.


Marlin is able to use G10 and G11 for firmware retract and un-retract. The settings for those are set with M207. Hardware retraction using G10 will retract ALL extruders the same amount you specify.
I have been using the Diamond hotend on Reprap firmware and would suggest 3mm retract/un-retract with 0.5-1mm extra restart distance.

@agiachino If you can add the option to use G10/G11 in place of any retract/un-retract commands that would be great.

The biggest problem I’m having with all of the color mixing heads I’ve used is blobbing. The other filaments that aren’t being used are sitting in the heat and as they get more liquidy the filament in use is able to push into it and force out a blob of extra liquidy filament, which comes out all at once as a blob and ruins the print. As of yet I’ve found no real way around this issue.