Purge into waste bin, Crane Quad

I want to purge into a waste bin instead of creating a purge block and my idea was to set the purge position at Y= -10mm so the purge misses the bed. Voxelizer will accept the -10 value and will slice the model (with a warning that the model is too large), but the purge still happens at Y= -10 no problem. My printer bed will physically move beyond Y=
Please would you advise how I can get the printer to purge off the bed?


the only way i found is to set artifact type “purge” and in filament presents “purge artifact Y” to -10 and deactivate “start from infill” and “Purge artifact shield”.

But the warn message still popup, programmer should add “Extruder startgcode” like in cura(or other) so this would be much better.