Purge fuction not purging


I modified a purge bucket to fit onto my M3D Quad, and it looks to work great, however it only purges the full amount (I have it set to 130mm so I can tell that it’s purging) for the first color shift. It looks like it’s purging a little on the second, but only a little and the filament ends up getting shoved up onto the nozzle.

Is there a way to make sure it always purges the listed amount?

I also added a picture of my purge bucket setup.


I found what was causing this issue. For some reason Voxelizer is setting the speed for the purge to be in the 6000+ range instead of 600-1200, so the tiny motor and filament can’t keep up. I believe they are already tuned quite a bit higher thanm the normal Nema motors.

My question is, is there any way to fix this so I don’t have to manually go in and change the speeds for each purge?