Problem with the Artifact



I am using Voxelizer 2.1.0 experimental for my works. The problem is, I use Artifact for my dogbone specimen to create multi-material object with gradient. But during printing, after sometime, it stops to print the artifact and then it starts to print it again. However, this create problems which it prints in the air for the artifact. I have added the images for the situation.

I cant add more images due to some restrictions, that I dont know but I can explain more if it is needed.
In the program it automatically shows the artifact like that, but for printing it doesnt work.

this is the final part that I want to print. It is really important for me, please take a look at and help me to solve the issue



Hi @seymurh could you show us an image and send a gcode where the print-in-air-artifact happens? In the image that you attached here everything seems fine.


Thanks I have solved that issue. Actually if you slide down the slider on the right artifact disappear immediately, but if you reach the start of gradient region it appears again.