Possible retraction Bug


I am doing a series of retraction tests to try to fix some stringing issues. After trying 5mm and 10mm, I am now up to 13mm. Way higher than I feel is really necessary but I am still seeing stringing.

While printing, I am observing that the retractions only seem to happen on about half of the non print moves. (At 13mm retraction this is pretty obvious) It would appear that the stringing I am observing is because voxelizer is not consistent applying retractions when it should.

I may shoot a video on this if that would be helpful.


Hi @ntx9 sorry for late reply. We do have a hard-coded parameter called ‘retraction minimum distance’ set to 10 mm. If the travel line is shorter than this amount the retraction doesn’t happen. This is likely the reason of what you observe. Maybe we should expose this parameter to the user.


I’m also getting stringing. I’m comparing to Cura, porting my setting across, and I’m unable to eliminate my stringing, where in Cura my stringing is gone. It’d be nice to get identical results.


Hi @rdacted do you think that this is related with what I wrote in my last reply or to some other setting?


I’m unsure. I haven’t found ‘the’ setting to eliminate stringing yet. Is there a way to enable an advanced view where I can have an option to change this setting?


No there isn’t, we will make it visible in the next release.