Option to apply Z hop to all non-extruding movements


When I attempt to print models that touch the print bed in multiple locations, or have multiple components on the bed, the print is often ruined due to the nozzle scraping against an existing piece of the brim or outline of the print.

Having the ability to specify that a retraction or a z hop should be performed on any non-printing movement would be very beneficial by helping to prevent any stringing or oozing from catching on the just printed portion and dragging the outline and brim all over the print bed (ultimately ending up with a large blob on the nozzle.

In order to test, I’ve set my retraction to a high amount and witnessed the sliced gcode not hopping when moving between portions of the same layer. A brim on a model with an interior opening is a good example, as the print head moves directly from the outer brim to the inner brim without raising the print head or (presumably) performing a retraction.


Hi @sohjsolwin, sorry for the late reply, this is true, I’ve just tested it and we will fix it.
In general though, I think that the parameter you are referring to already exists, it’s “Retraction height” and it’s working also on the first layer (also, just tested).


I think z-hop and retraction are two different functions. Both are necessary. Retraction is the amount the filament gets retracted inside the extruder. Z-hop is raising the whole extruder on non-extruding moves. This helps to prevent the hot end from dragging across the already printed layer, which can cause stringing. It appears to be supported on the Duet under the 207 command.


Yes what you called here “Retraction” in Voxelizer is “Retraction amount” and what you called “Z-hop” is “Retraction height”.



Thanks for that. The terminology threw me but that makes sense.


Is it possible to have Voxelizer use firmware retraction settings?


No at the moment it’s not possible.



Yea one of the hardest things to get used to is that vox has its own language and there aren’t any places to really look up a translation. Things like zhop are pretty universal in other slicers, it seems counter-intuitive.