Not sure if bug... License expired but unable to purchase

So part of the beta group and now unable to use the software due to it saying license has expired. Gives option to buy but there is no option to purchase just says it would be available after beta.

Currently unable to print at all due to this so not sure how to proceed.

Could be room for improvement here if software is left in a bricked state waiting on some kind of license.

-Chris Jolly

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I hit this today as well. Making a new account allowed me to proceed until you guys get back from holiday, but isn’t ideal since the profiles don’t transfer over. I can follow them but I’m not the owner to be able to edit, without creating a new one which muddles up your list. Can’t just copy the .yaml over either since the guid probably identifies that I’m not the real owner and vox deletes it when it starts.

I know you guys have just been extending everyone for the beta, and it looks like the website isn’t ready to actually make a purchase right now, but I’d love to support you guys by buying. I’m sure you might get more allocated hours if Zmorph starts earning revenue on the slicer as well.

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I’ve extended all the Beta licenses to have at least one month left. Sorry for the :brick: brickification :brick: - I didn’t notice that the first licenses were expiring already.

Thanks for being willing to support us at this point - we’ll be making an integration with a new payment gateway shortly at which point it should be possible to purchase a license.


Well I know I am very happy with the software a plan to support it financially when ever you guys get that working.

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I just hit this issue today. Help would be appreciated

Hi @pyroclasmx, you should now be able to login.

Thank you @agiachino! Will check it out in a bit.

I believe I’m experiencing this issue now. I open voxelizer 2, and I’m asked to login. It says my license is expired, gives me options to upgrade, but each paid option only says it will become available after beta. I don’t know what to do, would appreciate any help. Thank you.

Hi @ferritewill, could you write us on support (, specifying your Voxelizer email account? Thank you.

Hello. I am also in a bind with my Beta license. I just got my M3D Quad and am ready to use Voxelizer, but I had downloaded the Stable version back in 2018 to experiment. Now when I install the beta build with Crane Quad support, it says I must purchase I license … but obviously that’s impossible, Any way I can get this resolved? Would love to try this out. I’ll email support as it looks like that has been the escalation path!

I’m having the same issue… I’d be happy to purchase a license, but how?

I am experiencing the same problem. Unable to purchase license after 90 day beta period. The pricing page states that a paid subscription will be available after the beta period.

Hey @kyp and @agiachino,

I just run into the same issue with Voxelizer Experimental. When I open the program, I get a message saying my trial period has ended but I am not able to purchase a license.

Help would be much appreciated.

Hello @kyp and @agiachino I’m having this issue as well, and can not purchase a license even though my beta license is now expired.