Model and raft connection issue


Hi there I’m having trouble with my printed objects adhering to the power raft properly. the raft will print fine but as soon as the first layer of the model prints the material doesn’t connect properly and begins to lift creating large pockets which catch on the print head and either peel off or jam the printer up. I have had 3 prints in a row do the same thing each one getting consistently worse. I have calibrated my bed height and level settings multiple times so I don’t think it should be an issue with that. To me, it seems that there is a problem with the Z height settings when it moves to printing the model but I can’t find anywhere to change this in voxelizer, are there any more advanced settings around the Z height? if not is there anything else I can do to fix what’s happening through the software?


Hi @derdles, please see this other reply of mine to a similar topic concerning the power raft:

Also in your case, is power raft necessary or you could use some other type of bottom artifact?


awesome that should be helpful having a look through those settings thanks.