Microstructures can create unprintable hanging bits


A pic is worth 950 words


Three possible approaches to solve the issue from the user side:

  • Use a Remove small objects filter, under the Object refinement group. Depending on the case, the Voxel of the SDF method could work better. Don’t be afraid to set a high minimum volume (for example above 10.000 voxels).
  • Go to the Tree structure panel, right-click on your object and select Split connected, then procede to manually delete the floating parts.
  • Use voxel selection directly on the object. SHIFT + mouse dragged to select, CTRL + mouse dragged to deselect. Or q/w key + mouse dragged for sphere selection. Then right-click->Selection->Delete selection.

However this is definitely something that we can automate more.


Can the automation be integrated with the masking, so that one type of masking is “don’t modify this area” and another option is “don’t leave this area stranded”? The netfabb and fusion 360 tools that do similar sorts of modifications to a model have a complex set of constraints and forces that you can specify to help shape the result. I’m sure that level of complexity is out of scope for the next few releases, but perhaps the “don’t leave this stranded” could be inferred if the attaching/fitting second part were included? This might dovetail nicely with those of us doing multi-material prints.


Well for the automation my first idea is to apply directly a Remove Small Object filter at the end of the Microstructure filter. If we enable the feature “Apply filter only to selected area” the information will be passed to both of the filters. Not sure if this goes in the direction of your proposition.

Regarding having netfabb-like features and capabilities at the moment this is a bit beyond the scope of Voxelizer. It is however an interesting topic of discussion, if in the future we should “keep-it-simple” or slowly add more complex solutions.