Macros in Custom GCode


I have tried looking but didn’t see anything about macros in the custom gcode section. I was wondering if you had any type of macros that could be used. For example the M3D Crane has no way to directly show progress % or current layer height on the LCD screen. I was hoping to send M117 messages of the current layer number like the following

M117 {{Current_Layer_Number}}/{{Total_Layers}}

as an example in the after each layer custom gcode. Not a big thing but would be nice.


Hi @pyroclasmx, at the moment we don’t have this feature. We are planning a review of the custom gcode system.
In the meantime, for your very specific problem, here is a little program that you can run. Put the gcode in the same folder of the executable and it will create a new gcode file (“export.gcode”) with the the M117 commands showing the progress. Hoping you are using Windows.

DisplayGcodeProgress.7z (22.6 KB)


Thanks, I’ll check this out. I have a post processor I wrote for other slicers, so I may just embed that ability into it. The macros would be helpful but it’s not a huge rush.


Oh yes sorry I forgot, you are a programmer right?


Lol yeah I am but I am sure others will find it useful to have