M3D Quad prints great on one side but turns out very green on the other side



The green I was talking about. Had to put in seperate cause I couldnt put two pics in one post


Probably not a bug with the software. With opaque filaments, the QuadFusion head exhibits what’s been referred to as toothpasting, alluding to the way striped toothpaste comes out of the tube. The problem is that the mixing chamber has no agitation, so the colors don’t really mix and instead come out side by side. This has the effect of making prints look one color on one side and another color on another side. Translucent filaments mitigate this effect by allowing light striking the object to diffuse through the different colors, making the component filament colors appear to be evenly mixed.


The test print included did not have this effect though, which is what led me to believe that it was a problem with the software.


The issue I have is that I see this effect even when I’m using 100% of one color. It seems like I’m still getting some mixing controlled by the slicer that shouldn’t be there, which is weird. I also haven’t found the right settings for the purge amounts/etc. Does anyone have a good working config?