M3D & Multi part 3DBenchy


Hello I own a M3D Quad Crane and is attempting to use Voxelizer 2 Experimental with it to print the multi part benchy. Once I got the model to let me select each part to assign a color but after I went back to correct an error all I keep getting is a solid benchy. I close out, not save and then reopen in and download the file again the program does it’s thing and then I have a single image file.
The First time I was abale to select the deck, the rails, etc and assign a color, now I can not. How can I import it and select the colors?

I sliced a multi colored turtle in Voxelizer and be able to chose different colors for each area.

Help Please! I do not see anyone having done a Youtube video on this yet.



Hi Tim,
This is your future self in a few hours, we figured out how to complete the task. You’ll need to add more memory into your laptop as it’s not enough! :grin:

You need to “Unlink” after you imported th individual files. I can not get it to work on the file that all 17 pieces are in one file.
I managed to get a normal size benchy to save so we’ll see how it goes.
Maybe if we can capture the screen on video we can upload a short video. But then again you didn’t buy a laptop to do fancy stuff :joy::joy: