Loading custom printer


For some reason the custom printer profile I saved now causes the program to close whenever I load it. It works fine with the profiles in your list, but I customized it with my own temps and beginning and ending Gcode. The second I click on that custom printer profile, the program closes.
Doug Grant


Hmm…seems to only be one of the custom profiles. I have two (Crane Quad and CR-10S). It is only the CR-10S that acts that way. I will try to delete it and rebuild it to see if that helps when I have time.


Hi Doug, we will investigate this.


I deleted the profile, re-entered the parameters for start and end, and saved it again. It appears to be working now. I was thinking it might have been the last update, but the custom configuration for the Quad doesn’t have the problem, so it is not clear what happened.


One bug I did notice in putting in the info for startup and shutdown in the custom printer - In the boxes where the gcode start up (and end) are input the cursor starts lagging behind the input. The input works fine, but the cursor end up about three lines up.