Linux V.2.1.0: No internet connection. Showing local results only

maybe this error is related to my previous post:

Starting Voxelizer I get the “Choose your printer” window, which is telling me that there is no internet connection. Thus I cannot load printer parameters from the net but have to put in the printer data manually, which of course is not state of the art.

How can I overcome this problem? Is there I file I can edit?

Btw: All menus are inactive. Maybe this is normal at this stage. However, it doesn’t allow me to configure the app.
No picture for this issue, since a new user is not allowed to post more than one picture. VERY STRANGE. I never saw that kind of limitation in any other forum

did you find a fix for this? I’m experiencing the same on a windows machine…

Hi, no I didn’t. I circumvented the issue by downloading Voxelizer 3.0 for Windows, which is now running on a windows virtual machine. You can find it here:
Maybe this could be a way out for you as well

Hey tobetobe, unfortunately i can’t use Voxelizer 3 due to it not supporting custom machines. Thanks for getting back to me.