Linux Experimental - Too many bugs to be useable


Where do I start? First, there is no icon, and one needs to use a command line to start it. Doing this, I see that there are numerous errors on startup, too many to list here without screen shots indicating that no one tested this software before release. Second, when doing simple items, it seems to work OK, such as cylinders with no detail about a cm high, but when a more complex model is input, it freezes the system completely and it has to be rebooted. I am running a Celeron 3 Gig with 8 Gigs of RAM, and Ubuntu 16.04 on a new 1 Tera HD. Third, the program does not recognize files on external USB sticks, and the files have to be placed on the desktop before input to the program. This bug is not in the Windows version. Please review the code before release, as this looks like a newbie has been given this project, and did not use a VM for testing. This whole incident is highly distressing, as we do prototype development here, and it puts us further behind, and will probably have to switch to Simplify 3D if it is not rectified soon. I have made bug reports to Zmorph on this without any response. Thanks in advance, and let me know if there is a possible workaround. Eliza


Hello Eliza,

Thanks for the feedback regarding the Experimental version of Voxelizer for Linux. As you have noticed, the Linux version is a bit more more experimental than the Windows version - it’s based on an automated build pipeline, so there’s currently no human review of the Linux Experimental releases. This will of course not be the case when we release the stable version - and we’re working on that.

The current version requires minimal familiarity with the command line, which should not be needed in the final release - what you considered startup errors might simply be logging output of the program.

Regarding files on external drives, you can make them accessible by issuing the following command:
snap connect voxelizer:removable-media
This is related to the confinement settings of the snap distribution system - I’ll be sure to add that to the installation instructions.

You have mentioned freezing problems with complex models - if you could send us an example file that causes them, we could debug the issue as we haven’t encountered these in our tests.

With regards to using Zmorph printers - they were never marketed as Linux-compatible as an Experimental version of Voxelizer for Linux was only added during the last few months, so I would expect there to be no entitlement.