Idea for Advanced Color Managment


I don’t imagine this is something that could be implemented until a future version of the program but…

When printing opaque material with a color mixing head like the M3D Quad, the color of the output varies depending on the side of the object and its relationship to the colors coming out of the nozzle. So for example if you are blending opaque cyan and yellow, one side of the print will be more yellow and the other will be more cyan.

It would be really cool if there was an algorithm that compensated for this depending on the direction of the surface being printed. So for example when trying to achieve a 50/50 output, this compensation may have to print 25/75 on one side and 75/25 on the other with 50/50 in between.

I know the easy fix is to use transparent material but that is not always ideal.


Hi @ntx9, it’s in interesting idea :slight_smile: we will have to make some testing on it.