How does the new Purge Artifact work?


Is there a tutorial or explanation on how the new purge artifact works?


When you choose the Purge artifact type, a spiral will appear on the table. That’s the place where the extruder will go to purge the material. By default it’s set at (0,0) coordinates but you can change it in the Filament presets or in the Quick settings with the parameters “Purge artifact X” and “Purge artifact Y”. After purging, by default, an outline of brim will also be extruded, to prevent the contact of rests of filament with the model. You can disable this behavior with the “Purge artifact shield” parameter, also in Filament presets and Quick settings.

With this solution, the extruder instead of making the color transition by building an artifact will just “spit” the filament needed and move on, potentially reducing significantly the printing time, particularly in conjunction with the new infill transition feature.

Just get ready to have a very messy table at end of the print :slight_smile: To prevent this you might consider adding purge buckets to your printer, if it is possible, like shown in this video:

Voxelizer Experimental release notes 2019-04-16

Awesome thank you for the insight


Testing out the new purge ability. Had to remix a bucket to work with my printer but have it sort of going :slight_smile: I need to get a better nozzle swiper put in place but I noticed that depending on fan speed it was causing me some issues with extra filament coming across. Will share more as I get further along.


What is the current feed rate (mm/s) for the purge? Will it be configurable?


Nice, let us know how it goes :slight_smile: For now the speed rate of the purge is set to half of the “Default print speed” parameter.


I have been on and off playing with the purge feature and have noticed a few things that may be worth sharing.

  1. I have noticed that when the part cooling fan is running when air purging that I tend to get a lot of curling filament on the nozzle than without the fan running. It may help to have an option to turn the part fan off before purging and back on when going back to the print. I plan on adding this to my post processor to see if it helps at all.

  2. I am getting a lot of filament still coming out of the nozzle after the nozzle wipe causing a tail to attach to the ooze shield that leads to an eventual bump and failure of the ooze shield. (Will share pics) I think it may help to have a configurable pause after the feed and before the wipe to allow for a little more time for material to work it’s way out.

  3. Still working on finding the optimal height for the wiper, i am using a piece of rubber. This is all on me but will share what I find.

Will share more as I play with it a but more.


Thanks for the feedback, we will make some more tests as well and try your ideas. If they prove to be good they could simply become the default behavior. In general we prefer to avoid adding new parameters unless strictly necessary.

Keep us updated :slight_smile:


For sure I plan to keep playing around with it. I also totally agree with the KISS philosophy. I plan on putting some of those ideas to the test with post processing just to see if they work.