How can I print 0 or 90 degree prints?


There is no such option that I can set only 0 or 90-degree print in Voxelizer? How can I do it? Does anyone have any idea to do that? How can I set custom infill like 0/60/90 deg orientations?

Thanks in advance


Hello, you can set the infill orientation with the Infill angle parameter, in the Durability settings.



Dear agiachino,

Thanks for the reply!

I know that I can change the angle orientation, but it does not change the orientation in all layers.
if you change to 0, it will start to print with 0 deg orientation in 1st layer, and in 2nd layer it will print 90 deg orientation because of the infill type (in this case it is rectilinear). That infill angle changes only the 1st layer orientation.
I want to print just 0 degree orientation for all layers which is available in other slicer softwares. It could be better to make a customized infill angles (like laminate layer orientations). For exmp: [0,45,90] or [0,45] etc.



Oh I see. Yes currently this is not possible. Ok we will add this to the feature requests.