Have to add printer every time opening software


Have to add printer every time opening software, just upgraded to new version and this was not happening before the upgrade.


Anyone else with the same problem? I cannot replicate it on my machine.
@joshuartaylor is the “Remember my choice” tick on?


Or do you mean that you have to recreate your custom printer every time?


Using a Mac I cannot create a new printer definition, it crashes, as of June 20 2019


perhaps somewhat related when running with a crane quad profile… theres no way to verify what nozzle size you are using.
It defaults to 0.35mm, fine.
Open up dialog and switch to 0.5, great.
Hmm… did anything change? Lets see. Open up dialog… Shows 0.35mm
Set to 0.5mm.
Go check what the reset to default does for something like ‘path size’ … sets path size to 0.35.
Open up dialog, yup still shows 0.35.

So has it changed? Or does it never actually change? Shouldn’t the new ‘defaults’ then work off the larger nozzle size? And of course some of the others are set to ‘auto’ without showing you the calculated value. So there doesn’t seem to be a way to check.


You can check the current nozzle size diameter in the Printing settings panel, at the bottom.


You have no idea how many areas I’ve looked at for that.