Generating Lines for Lattice Supports

Hello! I am an architecture student currently doing research under one of my professors. Our research is centered around how different types of structure can be used to create certain building elements that are both aesthetically interesting and structurally efficient. We came across Voxelizer, and are very interested in the different types of supports the program can generate. Specifically, we have been working a lot with the “lattice” supports, and we think it would be useful for us to extract the generating lines of the lattice support structures so that we can more easily edit the members in Rhinoceros (the 3-D modeling software that we use). Would it be possible, in a future version of Voxelizer, to export simple lines that generate the lattice supports, rather than exporting as an .STL? Right now, when we export the lattice supports as an .STL and bring the .STL into Rhinoceros, the mesh is huge and we cannot make changes to it without crashing our computers. This is why just having simple linework would be useful for us!

Thanks for any insight you might have!