G-code for laser-engraving "forgets" about the height of the part?


If you put a peace of wood in voxelizer, it has a height.
You would think the G-code is adapted to that. It knows about the 20mm.

But NO !!! If you run de G-code starting from the calibrated “home-point” the laser head just bumps into your part !

you MUST adjust de zero-axe-setting manually (on the “move”-tab) before starting the code.

Why isn’t this adapted as provided in the setup?


@eootb this is the default behavior in most of the CNC and laser machines on the market: the Z zero level has to be set on top of the material. Please refer also to the ZMorph knowledge base and the ZMorph academy: https://support.zmorph3d.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003033253 https://academy.zmorph3d.com/

The material height on Voxelizer is for visualization and error-checking but the information is not passed to the machine.